Director of the Year

Leadership in business can be the single greatest attribute to why some businesses stand out from the crowd.
This popular award is a recognition that companies of all shapes and sizes, from both the private and public sectors, need leadership from its directors to drive performance and set a strategic vision for the future, while also demonstrating innovation in their products and services.

Generation Park Norwich and E.ON are proud to be sponsoring the ‘Director of the Year’ Award at the EDP Business Awards 2015. In addition to palpable leadership qualities we will be judging entrants based on their business vision for improving all-round sustainability in the current climate. This will mean that in addition to long term financial and market sustainability, the successful candidate will be able to demonstrate efforts to tackle key energy and environmental issues with reliable and lower-carbon solutions. We also put an emphasis on community projects and supporting the local area and population, and are interested to see candidates display inventive and creative thinking in their business plans and future innovation to meet the needs of the next 25 years. Additionally, the Generation Park board see huge importance in nurturing local talent and creating the next generation of great business leaders so will be looking keenly at support, guidance and direction given.


Strong leadership is a vital ingredient in business success and this award seeks to highlight the achievements of those at the forefront of their businesses and organisations.

The award aims to recognise the hard work, creativity and innovation of Norfolk’s business leaders, with the judges looking for someone who has not only excelled in the role but someone who has brought innovation to his or her industry, the county of Norfolk or to a significant sector of the community.
Judges will be looking for directors who have vision, clarity and the ability to keep their eye on the ball in a challenging economic climate.
The director will have not only accomplished significant profit levels, but will also be someone who is seen as a positive symbol of creativity in the workplace.

Winner: Graham Hacon

In seven years Graham has built a business with 350 staff and turning over £28.6 million with double figure growth every year. He understands the difficulties of moving through different phases of a growing and maturing business and learns from other industries and experiences to mitigate risk. Graham has taken difficult strategic decisions that have secured a prosperous future, concentrating on inspection of wind turbines as well as the historical oil and gas business. The firm has invested in innovation and technology including barcoding all service items to ensure not only completion before leaving a turbine but also enabling immediate invoicing with tracked proof of work. Graham sold 40% of the business to the Business Growth fund to ensure 3Sun can continue to grow and meet very challenging targets.
He bought a training company to train all the workforce more effectively whilst cutting external costs.
He has used his own experience to allow purchased family businesses to remain family led.

"The EDP Business Awards are a real celebration of all that's great about our businesses here in Norfolk. Each of our categories is a recognition of the strength and depth of our local economy."Ben WoodsEDP Business Editor