Director of the Year

Leadership in business can be the single greatest attribute to why some businesses stand out from the crowd.
To mark the 25th anniversary of the EDP Business Awards and to reflect the leading role we have played in covering of the business world we are delighted to be sponsoring Director of the Year Award.
This popular award is a recognition that companies of all shapes and sizes, from both the private and public sectors, need leadership from its directors to drive performance and set a strategic vision for the future, while also demonstrating innovation in their products and services.


Strong leadership is a vital ingredient in business success and this award seeks to highlight the achievements of those at the forefront of their businesses and organisations.

The award aims to recognise the hard work, creativity and innovation of Norfolk’s business leaders, with the judges looking for someone who has not only excelled in the role but someone who has brought innovation to his or her industry, the county of Norfolk or to a significant sector of the community.
Judges will be looking for directors who have vision, clarity and the ability to keep their eye on the ball in a challenging economic climate.
The director will have not only accomplished significant profit levels, but will also be someone who is seen as a positive symbol of creativity in the workplace.

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"The EDP Business Awards are a real celebration of all that's great about our businesses here in Norfolk. Each of our categories is a recognition of the strength and depth of our local economy."Ben WoodsEDP Business Editor