Outstanding IT Initiative

Has your company embraced technology to boost the bottom line and create a better business?

Sponsored by Computer Service Centre, the Outstanding IT Initiative Award seeks to find the company that has successfully used new technology, from cloud computing to mobile devices, in order to address business challenges and improve day to day operations.

Judges will be looking for businesses that have become more efficient and productive through their use of IT. This could include a paperless office, remote working, effective use of software or the web to drive the business forward. The business may have recently grown as a result of IT investment or used technology to support business growth.



The winner of this award will be a company that has harnessed the power of digital technologies including mobile, social, cloud, Big Data and, of course, the underlying Internet, to build or transform business models. It could be an established business that is using these new technologies to engage more effectively with its customers, or it could be a newer business that could only successfully exist and grow in the digital age. In addition to or alternatively, a business who is using technology to drive business efficiency to achieve more with the same. Engagement, connectivity and interactivity with its customers will be key attributes the judges will be looking for.

"The EDP Business Awards are a real celebration of all that's great about our businesses here in Norfolk. Each of our categories is a recognition of the strength and depth of our local economy."Ben WoodsEDP Business Editor